The 1985 Trouser Press Record Guide – Ira A. Robbins

The music is what you might expect from the Phantom of the Batcave, yep, that’s Gargoyle Sox.  As sepulchral rock bands go, these guys are pretty effective, stirring up dark ambiance with fuzzed out guitars and ominously intoned lyrics.  Ideal for rock seances.

Boston Rock – September 1985

Like cheap thrills?  Gargoyle Sox does fright right.  With a little help from a drum machine and a battery of effects, this Detroit duo spins five Gothic terror tales.  Minor key arrangements hang on menacing guitars and throbbing, over-driven bass.  More mayhem from the Motor City.

Rock Newz – September 1985

Buy this one before your next Halloween party and play it between King Crimson and your old Pink Floyd, but don’t expect anyone to dance.  Gargoyle Sox calls the album “A demented gem from the industrial wastelands of Detroit,” but we call it horror rock which would logically find a home in the depths of Syd Barret’s mind.  If your like your music foreboding and experimental, you’ll love “As the Master Sleeps…”  To put it another way, remember those anti-drug movies they showed you in school where someone was having a bad trip?  Gargoyle Sox was the soundtrack.

Sound Choice – Spring 1986 – Chris Dunn

Looking like the half black/half white aliens on Star Trek, Gargoyle Sox invite you to bleed in a bucket.  Soft electronics lead you into a haunted house of drum machine programs and heavy fuzz guitar.  Metal percussion and harmonics ring out.  A muffled underwater harmonica.  A deep, scary voice sings of pirates on a ghost ship; yo-ho-ho!  Some Gothic synth, marching drums, and a bit of spaghetti western guitar.  WATCH OUT!  Someone’s trying to break your neck – CRACK!  Or worse: the rack, castration, molestation, lots more.